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Four Reasons Why People Should Support Small Businesses

In this three-minute read, we look at the crucial role small
businesses play in bringing prosperity and personality to our high streets.

businesses across London have played a vital part in helping our
community to get through the pandemic, so it’s no wonder that many of us are
feeling a lot of love for local firms right now.

new survey has found 59% of Brits say they support local businesses now more
than they did pre-Covid-19.

research, commissioned by American Express and Small Business Saturday UK,
highlights the significant contribution small businesses have made in 2020.

not been easy to keep calm and carry on amid lockdowns and tier restrictions,
and for many small firms, it has taken sweat and tears to keep the wolves from
the door.

the good news is that many of these local enterprises are still standing, and
you can do your bit for them on Small Business Saturday (5 December).

this date, people in London and across the country are being
urged to purchase goods and/or services from local businesses. (If you can’t do
it in person, you could do it online).

year, some 17.6 million people backed the cause by choosing to shop small on
Small Business Saturday, spending about £800 million. Organisers are hoping for
similar success – albeit in more challenging circumstances – this year.

are four reasons why you should back small businesses on Saturday, 5 December –
and the rest of the year too.

Independent businesses bring vibrancy and creativity to villages and towns.
Without them, high streets are sterile and non-descript. By supporting local
firms, you’ll be ensuring our shopping areas have energy and sparkle.

Better customer service – Often, small businesses offer better customer service
than their larger competitors. This is because the owner is never far away from
the action – unlike a big chain, where the boss is in a swanky HQ hundreds of
miles away.

Small businesses employ local people and draw on the services of other local
firms such as accountants, builders, and cleaners. They keep the wheels of the
local economy turning.

Say thank you
Most small business owners are decent people who are proud of their local
community. Over the past nine months, small businesses have helped out in all
sorts of ways, such as delivering essentials to the homes of the vulnerable,
pivoting to make PPE, or donating to food banks. A little bit of recognition
can go a long way.

2020 has been tough on all of us, and now, more than ever, we
need to work together as a community. At Holland Properties, we’re committed to
supporting the people and communities we serve.

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