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It'll be Christmas with a Difference This Year

In this two-minute read, we look at what
yesterday's Christmas announcements mean to households in London.

This year has been filled with anguish and
anxiety for many of us.

But the news that came out last week around
successful vaccines and yesterday's announcement of the temporary relaxation
around social distancing rules over Christmas has cheered up many of us.

And in true Christmas miracle fashion, it's
got the four national governments of the UK to take a united approach.

For five days, people have the option to
celebrate the festive period with selected families and friends.

Here is some of the Government's guidance for
England around the rules for 23 to December 27 as reported by the BBC.

Up to three households will be allowed
to stay together and form a "Christmas bubble."

You can form a different Christmas
bubble from the people you live with usually - so you can choose to stay with
different people for the five days.

You can meet people outside your
Christmas bubble. But only outside the home and in line with the rules for the
tier in which you are staying. Places you can meet those people include parks,
beaches, open countryside, public gardens, allotments and playgrounds

Children under 18 years-old whose
parents do not live together may be part of both parents' Christmas bubbles.

Existing support bubbles count as one
household towards the three-household limit.

Students are considered to be part of
the household to which they have returned.

Look out for the announcements today about the different tier levels which will come into effect when
this lockdown ends on December 2.

According to the BBC, the decision will be
based on several factors, including case numbers, the reproduction rate - or R
number - and the amount of pressure on local NHS services.

For some families, it will be a difficult
choice around who to share Christmas with.

There's always the option to stay within your
established bubble (AKA your immediate family).
This way, you won't fall out with the in-laws, and you'll be keeping
seriously safe.

So, what will you be doing?

Will you be planning a three-family bubble
with all the traditional works?

Or are you going for a lower-key approach,
with a smaller turkey and Michael Bublé's Christmas songs providing the

Whatever you plan, we hope you have a safe,
memorable, and happy time.

From all at Holland Properties

PS: Here is the link to the Government's
Advice. (England Only)