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Wellbeing Wednesday: Five Healthy Eating Tips for People In London

In this two-minute read, we look at five ways to stave off
cravings and eat well this winter.

of us turn to food when we’re bored or stressed, so it’s no wonder that the
pandemic has played havoc with so many people’s waistlines.

lots of time at home this year, amid ongoing uncertainty, has meant that bad
habits have crept in. Do any of these descriptions resonate with you?

The all-day grazer: Mid-morning you
reach for the biscuit tin and then keep going – and going. You eat little and
often (by that we mean almost constantly) and lose track of how many
bourbons/crackers/cookies you’ve devoured.

Late-night binger: You skip breakfast and stick to a simple eating plan for
most of the day – until about 9pm comes and BAM! you snaffle a tub of Ben &
Jerry’s at lightning speed.

Zombie eater: You
always eat in front of the TV or while on your laptop. You shovel it in on
auto-pilot, unaware of how much you’ve packed away, if it has any nutritional
value or even if it tastes nice.

Afternoon snack fiend: Your mood and willpower plummet mid-afternoon. You start to feel
hangry (that’s hungry plus angry) and need a sugary snack to give you an energy

any of these descriptions ring a bell with you, then here are five tips to help
get your eating habits back on an even keel.

Plan meals and shop in advance

a meal plan, stock up on healthy produce and get cooking. (Meals made from
scratch are typically lower in salt, sugar, and fat than processed foods and
takeaways.) Foods to add to your shopping basket include sweet potatoes and
spinach (they’re packed with vitamin A) and oily fish (for a hit of vitamin D).
If snacking is your weakness, have berries and oranges (full of vitamin C) on
hand for when the cravings hit.

Sit down at the table to eat

eating on the run, or while multitasking. Sit down to eat breakfast, lunch, and
dinner at the same time every day. This structure will help stop you grazing or

Frozen counts

vegetables are packed with vitamins and minerals, so make sure you have some in
the freezer. That way, if you wind up having to quarantine, you can still get
your daily dose of veg.

Don’t obsess

isn’t supposed to be a source of guilt, it’s meant to be nourishing and joyful.
If you have a blowout, don’t be too tough on yourself. We are living through
strange times. Move on, tomorrow’s another day.


boosts your mood, and gives you more energy, so you won’t need sugary treats to
give you a lift. Schedule exercise for the time of day when you typically feel
low or lethargic.

Here at Holland Properties, we’re here to help you get through
these uncertain times. Look after yourself and take care.

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