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Five Ways London Homebuyers Can Plan Their Move in Advance

In this three-minute read, we share our five-point plan for a
smooth move in six months’ time.

can be stressful ­– some people rate it right up there with divorce in the
aggravation stakes – but there are ways you can take the drama and disruption
out of the process.

first step is to acknowledge that buying a new home is likely to be one of the
biggest purchases you make in your lifetime.

if you plan to sell a property to fund your next move, you’re effectively
carrying out two incredibly important transactions in one hit. (No pressure

the magnitude of the task, if you want to move in 2021, we advise you to start
working towards that goal now.

process always takes longer than you expect, so use your time wisely now so
that you can move when the time is right next year.

are five tips to pave the way for a successful move.

Research prospective areas

probably have an inkling already of where you would like to live, but until you
get into the nitty-gritty, you won’t know if your dreams are realistic. Review
local property prices, pinpoint favourite streets, revise school catchment
boundaries and check if there are any major residential or transport projects
in the pipeline that will impact the area.

Sort out your budget

your finances to get a clear picture of your income and spending. Be honest
about what you can afford. Consider how your responsibilities might change in
future if, for example, you plan to have children or change careers. Identify
the size of the deposit you will need, along with costs such as Stamp Duty,
legal bills, surveying fees, mortgage insurance, and removals.

Research mortgages

good news is that interest rates are currently low. However, uncertainty in the
market means those looking for a high loan-to-value mortgage may struggle to secure
one as many lenders have pulled them altogether. Analyse a wide range of deals
to get the best product for your situation.

Basic maintenance and refurbishment

you know what you’re aiming for, it’s time to get your house, quite literally,
in order. Give tired rooms a lick of paint, and mend broken windows, doors, and
cupboards. Plant spring bulbs in the garden so that your yard is brimming with
colour by March. If you’re considering complex renovations, such as installing
a new kitchen or bathroom, get a second opinion. Will you recoup the costs of a
major refurb when you sell? Ask an estate agent for their expert opinion.


on a room-by-room basis, get rid of unwanted items. If an item has some value,
sell it online. If not, take it to the tip. Sorting out all your belongings now
will mean you won’t have to do it closer to moving when you have other things
on your plate. It will also make marketing your property much easier and help
you achieve maximum selling price.

If the events of 2020 have made you consider moving, come and
talk to us here at Holland Properties. We can give you friendly, expert advice
about where the market is heading and the outlook for 2021.