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What Will You Be Drawing on this Month in London?

In this 90-second speed read, we
discover how something so simple to do can have such big positive effects.

This month sees the world’s biggest drawing
festival take place.

Throughout October, there are activities
taking place across the globe to encourage people to pick up a pencil and pen
and start getting creative.

Due to Covid-19, many of these are now
taking place online. And at the end of this article, we share a link where you
can access more information.

The Big Draw attracts millions of people of
all ages and highlights the benefits of getting arty.

These include:

Reducing stressdrawing takes your mind off things, and let’s
face it, plenty is happening in the world right now that we might want to
forget about.

Building relationships – sitting down to draw with your kids or friends creates a sense of
shared experience and builds bonds.

Engaging creativity – merely grabbing a piece of paper and a pencil can kickstart the
creative parts of your brain and has been shown to improve your memory.

The benefits of it are incredibly powerful
among kids, and it can help to build self-esteem, motor skills, and get them
away from gadgets.

The Big Draw’s theme this year is ‘A Climate
of Change’ and is encouraging people to draw their thoughts and ideas on how we
can live more harmoniously with our natural environments.

A Picture-Perfect Home

At Holland Properties, we know what draws people to

Based on our 11 years of
experience locally, we also know what people look for in their dream homes.

So, what does an ideal home in London most commonly look like?

Well, we’d sketch out a spacious place,
with access to outdoor areas, good neighbors, and a short distance away from
shops, schools, and transport links.

We’d love to see what you create this month,
so please feel free to share your drawings with us.

To find out more about The Big Draw visit: