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Will You Start Stopping Bad Habits in London Next Month?

In this 90-second speed read, we look at
the things people are stopping and starting in October.

2020 will go down in history as the year
when life stopped, albeit temporarily.

And with local lockdowns coming into force,
that feeling of stop-starting stuff is still around.

It’s a little like the hokey cokey but with
stop-start replacing in-out.

This all makes it a little ironic that next
month is now synonymous not just with falling leaves and trick or treating, but
with people trying to put a stop to bad habits and start healthier new ones.

Stoptober – Stoptober
is back for 2020, to encourage the UK’s smokers to try to quit for October and
beyond. The NHS has strong evidence that if a smoker can quit for 28 days, they
are five times more likely to quit forever.

Sober OctoberIt
started out in Australia more than ten years ago and is a way of encouraging
people to ditch the booze for 31 days. Many use this challenge to raise money
for charity while not lifting a glass of alcohol to their lips.

The multiple health benefits of stopping smoking
and cutting down on alcohol seem increasingly attractive as medical experts are
urging us all to do things to boost our immune systems.

Non-Stop Property Market in London

From a property perspective, the market
hasn’t stopped flying high since the national lockdown ended.

The summer months of July and August are
traditionally slower months for the home moving market, but this year there’s
been no stopping it.

Whether they’re looking to buy, sell or
rent, people are remaining active, and this looks likely to continue until
December at the earliest.

Good luck

So, if you are looking to start a new
chapter in your life by adopting a positive new habit, ending a negative old
one or finding a new place to call home, we wish you well.

We can help with the moving part, but
ditching the drink and cigarettes is down to you, good luck.