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Four simple steps to ensuring your London home is gas safe

In this two-minute read, we look at how you can keep your
home and family safe as the weather turns colder.

Next Monday (14th) sees the tenth annual Gas
Safety Week begin.

The awareness campaign is timed to get people thinking about
and checking their gas appliances as the autumn starts to take hold.

Gas Safety Week’s goal is to raise awareness among
homeowners about the crucial importance of having their gas appliances serviced
every year.

Here’s a question for you – When was the last time you had
yours checked?

If it’s been over 12 months, you need to act now and get
them checked by a qualified gas engineer.

Gas Safety Week reminds people of the dangers of poorly
maintained gas appliances, which can lead to gas leaks, fires, and carbon
monoxide poisoning. All of which can kill.

Here are four simple steps you can do to keep you and your
family gas safe.

1) Have your
gas appliances checked every 12 months.

2) Verify
that any engineer you employ is Gas Safe registered (previously called CORGI).
Gas Safe engineers work to a set standard and are tested regularly.

3) Check
your engineer’s Gas Safe ID card. Any engineer worthy of employing will have no
issue showing you this, and you can verify it online with the Gas Safe

4) Install
an audible carbon monoxide alarm and test it regularly – this is a potential

When it comes to anything gas related in your home, it’s
always wise to think ‘if in doubt get it checked out’.

How safe is London?

The Gas Safe Register website has a map which shows all the
dangerous gas appliances that have been found in London. To check
it out, visit

The demand for gas safety and heating engineers surges in
October and November as boilers and heaters start firing up after the summer

So, with that in mind, book your home’s appointment with a
Gas Safe registered engineer in advance and beat the rush and possible delays.

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Thanks for reading and stay safe outdoors AND indoors.