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Strategies to help Landlords to ride out a recession

In this three-minute read, we explain how landlords can navigate their
way through choppy economic waters and achieve good returns on their

When officials announced on 12 August that the UK had entered recession,
lots of economic experts came out of the woodwork.

Some predicted things would get much worse; others suggested the
downturn may be less severe than first predicted.

The truth is this year has been so unprecedented, it’s difficult to
forecast the road ahead precisely.

With so much uncertainty landlords may
feel a little wobbly, but the good news is that there are steps you can take to
ride out the recession.

The key is to understand that it’s not about doing one single thing
right, it’s about doing several things well.

It’s a bit like being a top cyclist. The world-class riders lining up
for this year’s Tour de France don’t spend all their time cycling (although
they do spend a lot of time in the saddle).

They also carefully monitor their diet, work with a psychologist to
strengthen their mindset and do strength training at the gym. It’s this multi-pronged
approach that gives them the edge.

Landlords hoping to avoid a bumpy ride need to take a similar approach.
Here are the key things on which to focus.

Tenant selection

Get off to a good start by selecting a good quality tenant. Ask lots of questions
and carry out thorough credit and reference checks. It may be tempting to cut
corners at this stage to save time, but you could come to regret it.

Mortgage deal

It’s surprising how many landlords lose money because they are not on
the most competitive mortgage deal. As interest rates are so low at the moment,
many people are locking themselves into three or five-year deals so they have

Be a people person

You need to foster a good relationship with your tenants. Never assume
that because you haven’t heard from them that everything is hunky-dory. Keep in
regular contact so that if their circumstances change, you know as early as
possible. The last thing you want is your property sitting empty because the
tenant has had to vacate at short notice.

Keep calm

If your tenant’s situation changes, don’t make any rash decisions. If a
reliable, trustworthy tenant finds themselves in difficulty, is it worth
cutting them some slack? Every landlord has to make decisions based on their
individual circumstances. But before you rush in, consider all your options and
seek advice from experts on the local property market who can update you on
rental prices and demand.


A top cyclist would never compete on a bike with tyres that need
inflating or a chain that needs lubricating. Take a similar approach to
property maintenance. It may seem appealing to save a little cash by delaying
maintenance work, but it always costs you in the long run. Neglecting your
property can breed animosity with tenants and lead to small DIY issues becoming
major building works.

Use a letting agent

The best pro riders have a strong support team behind them. This allows
them to focus on what they do best and stops them from getting bogged down with
admin and paperwork.

Here at Holland Properties,we’re experienced at managing
tenant relationships and properties. We can help you to go the distance.