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Keeping the kids entertained during lockdown..... what I have been doing..

While schools are closed across our country, a lot of parents are having to care for the children whilst also working from home. I’m one of those parents trying to be a teacher and kid’s entertainer at the same time as working from home and ensure our business is still run as best as we can.

During these unusual circumstances, it is essential to keep our children’s minds active as well as exerting some physical energy. I have been doing daily walks, runs, bike rides and yoga with my children to help to fill the days and keep them physically active as well as online resources to help them with school work.

Some things that we have tried that I can recommend are:

1) Joe Wicks PE lessons– Joe Wicks, known as “The Body Coach” is streaming thirty minute PE lessons for kids every morning at 9am from Monday to Friday. You can either follow the workout live or catch it on his YouTube channel here

2) Carol Vorderman’s math’s resources–Carol Vordermans math’s resources have been made free for everyone to use. You can visit the site at covers all different levels and I have found this to be very helpful.

3) a fantastic website aimed at offering lessons for all levels from primary though to secondary. This has been invaluable for me.

4) Audiobooks- You can download free audiobooks for children, you can only access this online and not from the app but my children have been enjoying listening to the Harry Potter collection.

5) Twinkl– I have found some great resources here for the children to do, it offers some imaginative learning resources and lesson plans

6)Teach them to cook – We have been enjoying cooking so much and everyday have made something different from chocolate cake, bread, Ginger Cake, banana bread and pizza. I have found their skills have improved so much during this time.

7) Yoga/Meditation– Children are over sensitive to our own behaviours and with the current climate it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the world events. We have found that doing yoga together has been such fun and helps to calm us all. You can find some great yoga that the whole family can do on YouTube as well as many apps.

Remember these times will pass and we will look back on this time with fondness for the amount of time we did get to spend with our children, I know it’s certainly hard at times with the uncertainty of what is going on but remember what’s important and staying home and staying safe is paramount right now but let’s try and have some fun.

Selina x