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How you can add Value to your home in Canary Wharf

In this article, we look at some of the most lucrative things people have ploughed their money into and how you can add thousands to the value of your property. 

In 1903 John Gray invested $10,500 (approx. $264,000 in today’s money) into a small car company.

Fast forward 16 years and Gray’s family sold their share back to the Ford Motor Company for more than $26.25m (around $1.8 billion today).

The film star Ashton Kutcher invested a cool £364,000 in a start-up taxi service called Uber several years ago. You’ve probably heard of it. His stake is now worth more than ten million pounds.

But you don’t have to be a canny entrepreneur or heart-throb film star to spend your dosh wisely.

Below are five ways homeowners and landlords can add value to their properties.*

1) A new bathroom can add up to 3% to a home’s value.

2) Converting a garage to a home office or extra room can potentially create a 10-12% uplift.

3) A loft conversion can help your property’s price rise by around 10-15%.

4) A new kitchen can add 5% to a property’s value.

5) A side or rear extension will add more space, and that will create a higher value for your property, potentially up to 15% depending on the size and quality.

*These estimates come from a Zoopla report from 2018 but are still relevant today.

We’ve experience in helping people work out what home improvements will also boost a property’s value.

So, whether you’re thinking of improving then selling, refurbishing then renting out or simply curious about what your home’s value in the property market right now, give us a call.  Or click here to use our own valuation tool which can give you an instant valuation of your home.