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Sellers - here are the property features that are most likely to devalue your home

Sellers hoping to make the most of the current market must ensure their home is up-to-scratch as prospective buyers are more likely to reduce their offer if the house requires work or does not match their expectations.

In more extreme circumstances, prospective buyers could lose interest in the home altogether. 

Hammonds Furniture’s most recent survey asked potential buyers to reveal what they look for in a new home as well as what they would avoid.

Here, we take a closer look at the property features that could put buyers off. Sellers who are aware of these will know exactly which features to make changes to before they put their home on the market.

Easy-to-fix issues that can lower the house value

Most of the participants who took part in the survey (62%) were put off by mould or damp on the walls. The research shows that extreme cases of mould can reduce a property’s value by up to 20%.

Mould can also be toxic and harmful to a person’s health therefore sellers must resolve this issue before putting their homes on the market.

The next most off-putting property feature was signs of pest infestation as 57% of survey participants ranked this high on their list of concerns. Up to 20% of a property’s value could be knocked off if this issue is discovered. 

Pests around the home can cause damage, for example, if mice or rats are present, they could chew cables and cause a safety hazard. Furthermore, pests are often an indicator of an unclean environment. 

Old electric wiring put off 50% of participants, 24% of people were unimpressed by ‘ugly wallpaper’ while 37% detested pet smells. 

The research proves that the outdoor maintenance of a home is also important as neglected outdoor space is enough to devalue a home by 20%. 

Japanese knotweed, an invasive plant that pushes through brick walls, concrete, floorboards, and tarmac, was a concern among 58% of participants.

Take on board what people dislike before selling

Sellers who are aware of what features prospective buyers dislike will know exactly which features to avoid and improve.

In most cases, unless severe, resolving issues around the home is unlikely to cost a lot of money. By carrying out the right research and fixing these yourself or getting a professional to resolve these, these issues can be quickly rectified. 

There are instances where some features that cause people to reconsider their house purchase are out of the seller’s control. Noisy neighbours, proximity to a pub, and rude street names are some that put off up to 39% of participants in the Hammond’s Furniture survey. 

Sellers who present their homes the right way will give themselves the best chance of selling for a good price. 

If you wish to sell and add value to your home, familiarising yourself with what buyers dislike within a home can help draw a seller’s attention to areas that need work. 

By giving the home a deep clean and decluttering, sellers can uncover any hidden surprises their homes might have before they put it on the market. 

Then once these issues have been resolved, they should rely on a professional estate agent to provide the very best photos and descriptions for the advertisement. 

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