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Revealed – the paint colours which will (and won’t) help you sell your home

Those looking to sell their property may be pleased to find out that the property market is still thriving. Bank, Halifax said UK house prices have risen at the fastest rate in 15 years and Rightmove predicts a property market boom after a record-breaking 2021. Although the outlook is positive for sellers, there are still things you can do to entice buyers.

Recent research by online paint retailers, The Paint Shed, has revealed paint colours can play a vital part in securing a sale, and the wrong colour could lower your house price.

What did the study reveal?

According to The Paint Shed’s research, 39% of respondents said they would offer less for a potential property based on the colour scheme alone, and around one in five would be put off from making an offer at all.

Of those that would bring down their offer, nearly nine in 10 buyers would take between £1,000-£5,000 off the price they would be willing to pay. Meanwhile, 11% would offer between £6,000-£10,000 less.

Additionally, three in 100 would offer over £20,000 less for a home because of the interior design and its colours.

Which paint shades are most disliked by buyers?

When analysing the most disliked paint colours by buyers, the majority of shades that turned off buyers were bright and bold. Fuchsia came in first place as the most undesirable colour, with 47% of respondents saying they would never use this shade in their homes. Pink makes repeated appearances in the least liked list, with neon pink ranked in second and hot pink placed in sixth place.

Yellow is also another repeat offender, with two appearances in the undesirable shades list, with neon yellow in third and lemon in at ninth. With 43% of respondents hating it, lime green ranked in fourth place. Other undesirable colours in the top 10 include scarlet (5th), electric orange (7th) and electric blue (10th). Black comes in at eighth place making it an anomaly, as it’s the only non-bright colour on the list, but its ranking should be noted by sellers as a shade to avoid.

Most liked paint colours for homes

For sellers looking to appeal to buyers, opting for neutral paint colours could be a stroke of genius.  According to the study, white ranks number one in every room, particularly in the bathroom and kitchen, with grey close behind.

One of the driving forces behind the popularity of neutral shades is the rise of the ‘homefluencer’ aesthetic which promotes stripped back interior aesthetics to create an uncluttered, simple and clean space.

Neutral shades like grey and white will complement a minimalist aesthetic as opposed to the brash and bold shades disliked by buyers.

A third of Brits said they preferred neutral tones for their home and a quarter went for ‘earthy tones’, for example, sage green, plaster pink, and greige.

As a seller looking to maximise your sale, it could be a savvy move to pay attention to the paint colours liked and disliked by buyers. You could pick the popular paint colours for decorating your property. This can help your home to appeal to a bigger pool of buyers and possibly achieve the asking price or above.

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