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Seasonal photos - why getting the photos right could you help you to sell your home

When listing a property for sale, more time and effort should be put into the images that will appear on the estate agent website because they form a large part of the listing.

The arrangement of the room, cleanliness and lighting all help to create the overall feel of the home. Getting this right can help ensure more interest in the property.

The importance of photos cannot be overlooked as they can paint a thousand words and become especially important during the spring when the weather improves.

In this article, we set out to explain why getting the photos right could help you to sell your home.

Photographs help buyers make their decision

The right images could result in higher offers and quicker sales. Online viewings have grown in popularity due to the Covid-19 pandemic, meaning that online videos and images of a property are relied on greatly.

MoveStreets discovered that 41% of homebuyers would only enquire with estate agents that presented the best photos. While 66% of buyers would scroll past property listings if the first image was not appealing.

In addition to this, a staggering 79% of buyers revealed that when viewing a property online, photos were the first thing they checked.

With all eyes online and images creating first impressions, sellers cannot afford to miss out on a sale because of poor-quality photos.

We advise that sellers select only the best images to showcase their homes. To grab attention straight away, the first photo that prospective buyers see should be the best one.

Stage the home to make photographs reflect the season

It is no secret that spring is one of the most popular months for property sales. After months of rain and wind, many people are looking forward to the warm weather, brighter days, and outdoor gatherings during spring.

The excitement surrounding this season should be used to the advantage of sellers. Why not place plants indoors or set up a nice table and chairs in the garden? Doing so can help prospective buyers visualise themselves enjoying the home during the popular season and it makes the indoor atmosphere more spring appropriate.

Staged rooms are more inviting and make for better property listing photography. A simple clean-up, decluttering of unnecessary goods, removal of personal items, and rearrangement of furniture are all that is required to attract prospective buyers.

When done properly this can highlight the home’s best features and create a mood that reflects the current season, prompting prospective buyers to attend a viewing.

Professional photographs only

Easy access to online photography tutorials and access to phones with good cameras means that even amateurs can take professional images.

The best way to ensure that this is done effectively is by analysing the existing space and having a clear idea of the best features of the house. Knowing this means that during the photoshoot, the homeowner will have a concrete idea of which parts of the house to photograph or get the professional photographer to focus on.

Sellers could choose to hire a professional photographer to produce top-notch images that represent your property. Hiring a professional could also save time, as photography is their area of expertise so they will know what angles and lighting work the best.

Holland Properties can help with professional photography, and we can assist with certain items of furniture if required. Our connections with a range of suppliers mean that we can provide you with exclusive offers to help show your home in the best light.

Spring is one of the busiest months for property sales, so sellers should pull out all the stops to ensure that the seasonal photography draws interest.

For further guidance on any part of the selling process, please contact us today. You can also request a free and instant online valuation to see how much you could sell your property in the current marketplace.