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Landlords - do you need to keep one eye on 2022’s interior design trends?

Landlords are expected to keep up with certain things, such as compliance and legislation directly affecting the rental sector. But it might also be wise for landlords to also keep up with 2022’s interior design trends as the latest in home styles appear to be a response to a post-pandemic and environmentally conscious world.

In this article, we have noted key interior trends that landlords could use to spruce up their rental properties.

Multi-purpose spaces

The Covid-19 pandemic has completely changed the way we live, with many companies now adopting remote working. It could be a savvy idea, especially for landlords looking to court professional tenants, to have office spaces already put in place in their rental properties.

Interior designer, Alice Dahbura-Borges, says: “We will continue to see the demand for versatility in the home where one space can be transformed and moulded for different activities: a dining table or kitchen island can double as a desk.”

Landlords can also consider following the above advice and think about how they can show versatility in their rooms.

Eco-friendly elements

Recent research has uncovered that it could actually be profitable for landlords to have a green rental property. The study uncovered that 98% of tenants would prefer a house optimised to increase energy efficiency and reduce energy costs and environmental impact. The research found that 53% of respondents said they were prepared to pay more for an eco-friendly rental property.

Another interesting insight is that tenants already expected their rental property to have green features in place. The survey discovered that 95% of renters expect their rental home to have double glazing and 92% expect it to have loft or wall insulation. A further 92% of tenants expect recycling bins while 73% expect LED lightbulbs.

Landlords can use these findings as a guide to what eco-friendly elements they should place in their property as it could also be a financially as well as environmentally rewarding move.

Natural lighting

Another trend sparked by the pandemic is the use of more natural lighting due to the increased time people are spending indoors.

Stephen Brockman, a partner at Deborah Berke Partners, says: “Given how much time we are spending at home these days, large windows and high ceilings are critical—they enhance views to the outside and provide abundant daylight, which is both effective stress relievers that never go out of style.”

Landlords can get as much natural light as possible into their property by using light-friendly flooring such as wooden, ceramic or stone floors which reflect light more than carpets. Another way landlords can let the light in is by having shiny surfaces as they will reflect light helping to make your rental property look more spacious.


Sustainability is defined as responsible use of materials, and this is predicted to be one of the big interior design trends of 2022.

Ben White, design and trade expert at Swyft, explains: "Sustainability and use of organic materials have become prominent in recent years. With the public's increased exposure to climate change, the idea of sustainability has fed into the interior industry and our homes. This will translate into how we buy furniture; a move towards furniture items with reclaimed woods and accessories with recycled glass and metal.”

Landlords can get in on the sustainability trend by seeking out vintage textiles and fabrics which are produced sustainably. Landlords can also search for companies that have sustainability at the core of their ethos.

Bringing the outdoors in

Biophilia is defined as the ‘innate human instinct to connect with nature and other living beings’ and is being touted as the next big interior trend for 2022. Cork is predicted to play a large part in the biophilia trend as its sustainable and brings warmth and texture to surfaces. Cork can be an ideal choice for the kitchens as its insulating.

Ben White predicts: “We will see green and natural tones blended into our interiors through the use of plants, timber and terracotta. We might also see the use of green velvet sofas, sage or olive painted walls or jute textured rugs."

Research by GoodMove, where they analysed Google search data to find trends in popular paint colours, revealed soft greens as one for 2022. Landlords can consider giving their interiors a new lick of green paint to embrace the trend.

White explains: "We’ve seen a resurgence in popularity for sage green tones in the past few years, and 2022 is the year for grey-green. This silvery-green hue is perfect for living rooms as it is the colour of harmony and renewal, helping to emit feelings of calm and relaxation and is a great way of bringing the outside in too."

As well as greens gaining in popularity, terracotta is also a coveted colour. Rebecca Snowden, interior style advisor at Furniture and Choice says: "The term ‘terracotta walls’ has increased by 86 per cent in the UK over the past year. These reddish-brown and tan hues colours will be a top pick for autumn and winter trends and sets the scene for elegant layering. In the bedroom, match a reddish clay backdrop with a grey velvet bed and cosy linen bedding for a calming (and grounding) feel."

Another way to embrace the nature trend is by actually bringing nature into your rental property. Landlords can do this by adorning their homes with houseplants.

Sara Ianniciello, the director of design at Whitehall Interiors, says: “Because indoor plants have a calming effect and promote clean air, you can expect to see more living walls and hanging plants both in amenity spaces and residences.” 

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