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Landlords - how can you attract tenants this winter?

With the festive season around the corner and temperatures continuing to drop, tenants are likely to spend more time in their homes compared to during the rest of the year. 

Throughout wintertime prospective tenants wish to secure a home that requires little maintenance as they have festivities and the New Year to focus on. With this in mind, comfortable, well-maintained, well-heated, and energy-efficient homes are sought after throughout this season.

This article explores how landlords can attract tenants during the winter season so potential tenants viewing a home can easily envision themselves in the property.

Winter-proof and maintain your property

There are various steps that landlords can take to diminish void periods, stand out above competitors, and attract tenants this winter.

Ensuring that the property is well-maintained will not only generate interest, but it will reduce the likelihood of problems popping up in winter.

This time of year, tenants value properties that look like homes as opposed to projects. This is because it allows home viewers to imagine themselves living there. 

Adding a fresh layer of paintwork to areas that require sprucing up and repairing areas that need fixing is necessary during this time of year.

It’s important that landlords – or the agent operating on their behalf - carry out the appropriate maintenance checks consistently. Boiler breakdowns and heating issues are not on anyone’s wish lists this Christmas, so before the winter weather kicks in landlords should get any concerns resolved.

Issues such as condensation are common problems that are more likely to happen in the winter, with rooms less ventilated as windows stay firmly shut. In this case, covering the issue with paint is not the solution as mould can form and cause tenants to get sick. Instead, a thorough clean is required as well as proper ventilation.

Landlords must remember that property maintenance not only contributes to the overall feel and look of the home but can also impact the price of bills and the tenant’s overall wellbeing.

Make the home energy efficient

With economic forecasters such as Samuel Tombs already predicting that the dual fuel energy bill will rise to £1,698 a year (33%), property maintenance and energy efficiency have never been more important.

The Bank of England reports that the nation spends 29% more in December than in the average month. This is roughly £740 more than throughout the rest of the year. By ensuring that the property is energy efficient, landlords can keep tenants happy with lower energy bills.

Landlords should also remember that the more energy efficient a rental property is, the more money will be saved in the long-term. Less energy will be wasted heating the home if windows and doors that do not allow heat to escape are installed. As the darkness of the night eats away at our daytime hours, indoor light is likely to be used more. By swapping regular lights for energy-efficient ones, tenants can also save money.

First impressions are everything

Though winter in England does not usually encourage outdoor parties or outdoor activities, the necessity of maintaining a garden during this time of year cannot be overlooked.

In a recent survey, over 80% of the property industry agreed that due to lockdown restrictions buyer demand for a home with a garden or balcony will increase in the next two years.

When viewing a property, the front or back garden – depending on the position of the home - is one of the first things that the person viewing the property sees. It is easy to put more effort into the inside of the home and forget about the outside, but landlords should remember that both the inside and outside will contribute to the potential tenant’s first impressions this winter.

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