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First-time seller? Here’s what do you need to know

If you are purchasing your first residential property, there are plenty of schemes and support systems in place that is designed to help first-time buyers get onto the property ladder with ease.

The First Homes Scheme, a 30% discount on the market value of newly built homes, is just one example of one of many initiatives available that offer financial help for first-time buyers.

First-time buyers are more commonly recognised for their needs when purchasing their first home compared to first-time sellers selling a home for the first time. Here at Holland Properties, we recognise that first-time sellers also deserve the same level of support as first-time buyers because selling a property for the first time might seem daunting.

We believe that preparation is the key to success. Using our experience of operating in the sales market in prime London, we outline everything that sellers need to know to be prepared for a home sale.

Ensure the property is sale ready

With so much competition on the market, it is important that your home is fully ready to be sold before listing it.

Decluttering and cleaning your home not only makes your property look more appealing, it also makes it easy for those viewing your home to imagine what it would be like if they lived there.

Moving furniture around to see which location lets in the most light and what position makes the room look even bigger can make a huge difference.

You only get one chance to make a first impression, so it is important to get it right. If you are stuck for inspiration, we can help improve the interior
design of your property
or even assist with certain items of furniture required. Whatever your requirements, we can tailor the perfect package for you.

Budget beforehand

There are several fees to keep in mind when selling a house that you need to be aware of. We advise researching the potential cost and becoming familiar with what fees are associated with the process before beginning your sale.

There are agent fees - for advertising your property and managing viewings – while Energy Performance Certificates are required in England, to showcase the energy efficiency of the home.

Other costs involved might include mortgage exit fees, home reports, conveyancing fees, and removal costs. If you are a first-time seller, you might be unfamiliar with these, so we urge that you research and budget appropriately.

Being familiar with these potential costs and how much they could set you back will make your first-time selling a breeze in the long run.

Do your research before you say yes

During the sales process, there are many aspects you will need to answer to. Finding an estate agent and accepting an offer are the two main deciding factors first-time sellers should be aware of.

Hiring a reliable and reputable agent in your local area is vital to securing a sale. The right agent will help you correctly value your property, photograph your property in the best way, write meaningful and truthful product descriptions and keep you in the loop every step of the way.

Receiving offers on your property is always great, but remember that you do not need to accept or reject an offer straightaway. The highest offer might not always be the best offer, and you might have a gut feeling or instinct about certain buyers.

Work with your agent to find the most suitable buyers for your home and improve your chances of a fast, hassle-free house sale.

You could find out from your estate agent the buyer's position first and get an idea of how much properties in your area have gone for by simply checking the latest sold house prices in the area in which you are looking to sell.

If you live in the Canary Wharf, Surrey Quays and Rotherhithe area, our friendly team will be available to assist during and after the sale.